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December 5-9, 2016 | Entuple Technologies, Bangalore| Paid FDP

FDP on “Renewable energy systems – Grid tied Solar Systems using FPGA”

We at ENTUPLE are committed to provide a complete bundle of Learning Enabler Solutions to our Academic Partners on Electric Drives and Renewable energy systems. The solution bundle includes:

  • DFIG based Grid tied Wind emulator
  • Grid tied Solar System
  • Grid Emulator
  • FPGA based closed loop control of Induction motor
  • FPGA based Vector Control of Induction motor
  • FPGA based DC Motor Drive
  • FPGA based Switched Reluctance motor drive
  • FPGA based BLDC Motor Drive
  • FPGA based PMSM Motor Drive
  • Multilevel inverters

We bring to you industry experts from the relevant domains in order to impart a true industry assisted learning experience.

About this FDP

One of the major challenges faced by the teachers teaching Renewable energy systems and Power electronics theory course at the graduate or post graduate in Electrical Engineering is perhaps how to bridge the concepts to the application and the practice to bring out the practical perspective for an effective teaching – learning interaction.
In addition, the lack of hands – on practices on part of the teachers makes it much more difficult to excite the students learning inquisitiveness.
The primary objective of the proposed TRAINING is to enable the teachers bridge this gap and enhance the effectiveness of the teaching the subject through a series of hands – on illustrative teaching – learning activities bridging the theoretical concepts to the industry relevant application perspective as well as practices.
The program is designed with a synthesis approach and progressively builds up the background and walks you through a set of learning activities of some of the basic concepts. The program also caters to the needs of teachers pursuing their higher studies/research in Renewable, power system and power electronics domains.

Who can attend

  • Teachers with experience of teaching Renewable energy systems and power electronics.
  • Teachers seeking hands on control of Converters and inverters.
  • Teachers or PhD Students who are interested in interfacing Renewable energy systems with Grid.

Key learning outcomes

At the end of the program you will be able to

  • Understand the basics of FPGA
  • Capable of generating PWM pulses as per requirement
  • Understand Wavect Controller
  • Developing different control aspects using Wavect
  • Understanding Solar system
  • Easily implement Sensor interfacing with control algorithm
  • Integrating Solar power to grid with decoupled active and reactive power using vector control

Course Outline & Structure

Day 1: Introduction to FPGA based WAVECT Controller

  • Introduction to FPGA based Digital control of Electric systems
  • Lab 1 – Hands on training on schematic programming for FPGA
  • Lab 2 – Simple PWM Generation
  • Lab 3 – Boost Converter Implementation

Day 2: Three Phase Inverter control using FPGA

  • Lab 4 – Generation of single phase Sinusoidal PWM
  • Lab 5 – Generation of three phase Sinusoidal PWM
  • Lab 6 – Three phase inverter control with variable voltage and frequency
  • Lab 7 – Implementation of three phase inverter control

Day 3 & 4: Grid Side Converter control using Wavect

  • Introduction to Solar Renewable Energy integration
  • Study of Grid side Converter
  • Lab 8 – Developing of PLL using FPGA
  • Lab 9 – Developing of decoupled active and reactive power control using vector control
  • Lab 10 – Implementation of Grid Side Converter

Day 5: Grid tied Solar system using Wavect

  • Lab 11 – Integration of boost converter with GSC
  • Lab 12 – Hardware Implementation of Grid tied Solar power system using Wavect

Duration: 5 Days
Course Fee: INR 35,000
Note: Participants are required to make their own arrangements for travel and local conveyance


To know more:
Mr. Jathin K P
Email: Jathin@entuple.com
Mobile: +91 8951529637
Land Line : 080-42028111

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