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June 22nd, 2015 |Madurai – Entuple Technologies, Bangalore | Seminar

Didactic Seminar On – OrCAD® PSPICE® & OrCAD® PCB

Entuple is the Only Authorised partner of Cadence OrCAD & VLSI in India today for the academic segment and OrCAD PSpice is the de-facto standard in world circuit simulation. We strongly believe that understanding of circuits in its varied levels of complexity is key for an electrical, electronics or a computer science engineer interested in embedded systems and related fields.
OrCAD PSPICE is so pervasive in the world of engineering that it is used by leading universities around the world from the very first semester of Engineering through post graduate courses and even research. With a powerful Allegro engine, millions of companies world over use OrCAD as the preferred tool for schematic capture and circuit simulation which is the basis of any product design.
Entuple believes in working closely with your institution in enhancing the level of expertise of faculty and enhancing the skill quotient of engineers and making them industry worthy. We look forward to associate with your esteemed institution and assure you of our best attention at all times
OrCAD Celebrates its 30th Anniversary and as a birthday gift, we are organizing a free One day Seminar

Why this initiative of a One day Seminar?

The Indian Electronic System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) market is poised to bloom with the Government of India initiative for the electronics manufacturing sector. This has created a huge demand for the right skill set manpower for the ESDM market. This demand for the ESDM enabled talent is best addressed by the academia through customizing the EEE, ECE IT & CSE curricular design and delivery to impart the right mix of concepts bridged to practices and skill sets.

While several engineering schools have begun introducing the relevant courses in their UG and PG curricula to create the required man power, one of the challenges encountered by the teachers teaching the various theory and laboratory courses under the Electronics Communication Engineering (EEE/ ECE/ Instrumentation Technology / Computer Science) UG and PG curricula is: how to seamlessly bridge the concepts to practices and also impart the right technical skill sets through their regular ECE curriculum delivery.

The Didactic Seminar on OrCAD PSPICE & OrCAD PCB on teaching – Learning Electronic Product Design through engineering curriculum using OrCAD PSPICE AND OrCAD PCB suite is specifically designed to address this challenge and provide the participant teachers an insight into the electronic product design cycle and practices and the skill sets sought by the ESDM industry.

The seminar brings to you leading experts from the ESDM industry who present their perspective on how to bridge the concepts to practices and skill sets through the regular curriculum design and delivery to enable your students for careers in the ESDM sector through a well-designed set of illustrations and demonstrations using the CADENCE OrCAD PSPICE and OrCAD PCB covering the entire spectrum of Analog and Digital Electronics theory and laboratory courses taught at various levels of the UG ad PG curricula.

Broader Scope of Agenda

Session 1: Setting the Seminar Perspective

    • 1.1 Entuple Technologies Executive Presentation
    • 1.2 Motivation: The India ESDM Market Scenario and Road Map – The Role of Academia
    • 1.3 The Big Picture: Electronic Product Design and Test – Life Cycle
    • 1.4 Challenge: Integrating the Product Design and Application Perspective into Curriculum
      OrCAD PSPICE!)

Session 2: OrCAD PSPICE/ PCB in Curricular Design and Delivery: Teaching – Using OrCAD PSPICE as a “Teaching
– Learning Assistant”

        • 2.1 Use OrCAD PSPICE to build concept illustrations and learning activities for Basic Electrical and
        • 2.2 OrCAD PSPICE as a Teaching – Learning Assistant for Electrical N/w Analysis
        • 2.3 Building Illustrations and laboratory courses for Electronic Devices and Circuits using OrCAD
        • 2.4 OrCAD PSPICE for Fundamentals of Digital System Design Theory and Laboratory courses
        • 2.5 Learning Activities for Power Semiconductor Device Characteristics and Circuits using ORCAD
        • 2.6 Designing Laboratory Course on System Design using IC’s (Mixed Signal) using OrCAD PSPICE
        • 2.7 Interface Your MATLAB/ SIMULINK Models to OrCAD PSPICE for System Design and Simulation

Session 3: From Books – to – Boards – to – Product Prototyping for Projects/ R & D

            • 3.1 Use Advanced Analyses Features of OrCAD PSPICE to Verify and Optimize the Design Quality and
              Performance of Your Circuits/ System
            • 3.2 PCB Design and Fabrication Overview
            • 3.3 Targeting Your Circuit/ System Design to Board using OrCAD PCB
            • 3.4 Build Your Own Library of Device Models using the OrCAD Library Builder

Session 4: Practical Electronic Product Design / Prototyping

        • 4.1 Signal Integrity – Why and How ?
        • 4.2 Analyze the Signal Integrity of your Board Designs using OrCAD Sigrity
        • 4.3 Generate the 3D Mechanical CAD View for Your Board Designs
        • 4.4 Signing off your Product Prototyping Board Design
        • 4.5 Board Fabrication using MITS PCB Prototyping and Assembly
        • 4.6 Sum UP
        • 4.7 QUIZ

Duration: 1 Day
Tool used: OrCAD
Place: Velammal College of Engineering & Technology, Madurai -Rameshwaram high road, Viraganoor, Madurai, Tamil Nadu – 625009
Course Fee: Free Registration
To know more:
Mr. Varun Gaikwad
Email: orcad@entuple.com
Mobile: +91 98802-15781
Land Line : 080-42028111

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