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Jan 12, 2015 | NIT Agartala | Free Seminar

Entuple Technologies in partnership with NIT Agartala invites you to a seminar on ‘Antenna Design & Fabrication’ held on Monday, Jan 12, 2015. The seminar is for academicians and is offered free of cost for the participants. However, the entry is strictly through online registration and confirmations only.
Speakers will include technology experts from Entuple technologies and NIT-Agartala.
Tentative Agenda:
  • An overview of antenna & pcb design
  • Popular research areas within antenna/communications
  • Antenna fabrication / prototyping
  • MITS Prototyping systems – Merits & Applications
  • Live Demo of FP-21T Precision Machine
    • Micro strip Patch Antenna
    • Fractal Antenna
Know More: Jathin | jathin@entuple.comĀ  | +91 8951529637

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