Analysis & Design of High Efficiency Induction Motors using ANSYS Maxwell

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October 17-21, 2016 | Entuple Technologies, Bangalore | Paid FDP

Analysis & design of high efficiency induction motors using ANSYS Maxwell

One of the major challenges faced by the teachers teaching Electromagnetic Theory course at the graduate (1st/ 2nd Semester) levels in Electrical Engineering is perhaps how to bridge the concepts to the application and the practice to bring out the practical perspective for an effective teaching – learning interaction.
In addition, the lack of hands – on the practices on part of the teachers makes it much more difficult to excite the students learning inquisitiveness.
The primary objective of the proposed FDP is to enable the teachers bridge this gap and enhance the effectiveness of the teaching the subject through a series of hands – on illustrative teaching – learning activities/ experiments bridging the theoretical concepts to the industry relevant application perspective as well as practices.
The program is designed with a synthesis approach and progressively builds up the background and walks you through a set of learning activities of some of the basic concepts. The program also caters to the needs of teachers pursuing their higher studies/ research in custom analog and mixed signal domain.

Who should attend

  • Teachers with little or no prior experience of teaching Electrical machine- Design and Analysis.
  • Teachers seeking design hands-on insight of industry oriented three phase induction machine.
  • Teachers who are interested in electromagnetic analysis using FEA technique.

Key learning outcomes

At the end of the program you will be able to:

  • Understand the design procedure of induction machine.
  • Calculate the required motor parameters by using classical hand calculation method.
  • Select dimensions and materials using IEC/IS standards on the basis of practical design consideration and industry practise.
  • Utilize ANSYS RMxprt tool for design and validation.
  • Perform electromagnetic analysis using Finite Element Method
  • Verify saturation if any by mapping flux lines and flux density plot throughout the machine volume using ANSYS Maxwell.
  • Compare outcome from ANSYS tools with a standard motor results.

Detailed Agenda

 Day 1: Theory & Design of three phase Induction machine

  • Introduction on design of IM and design requirements
    Hands on calculation on:
  • Winding and Conductor Details; Winding Factor Calculation.
  • Magnetic Circuit Calculation- Length of flux path and flux path per pole; Flux density in various regions, Magneto-motive force.
  • Iron loss Stator and rotor stamping weight.

Day 2: Hands on Calculation (continued) and utilization of ANSYS RMxprt

  • Calculation of stator and rotor resistance.
  • RMxprt – Machine Details, analysis.
  • Comparison – Hands on and analytical.
  • Material property introduction with IS/IEC references.

Day 3 & 4: Analysis using ANSYS Maxwell

  • Getting Started Maxwell.
  • Geometry Modelling in 2D.
  • Adding Materials – properties, BH curve, BP curve.
  • Excitation and boundary condition.
  • Finite Element Method, Meshing.

Day 5: Postprocessing using ANSYS Maxwell

  • Analysis and Post processing.
  • Rectangular Plots and field Overlays.
  • Utilizing Field Calculator for named expressions.
  • Optimetrics.

Duration: 5 Days
Course Fee: INR 35,000/-Prices are inclusive of all taxes.


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