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  • SINCAL offers a comprehensive, high-end analysis software solution for a full unbalanced power system model for high, medium, and low-voltage grids.
  • It can support you in the design, modeling and analysis of electrical power systems as well as pipe networks, such as water, gas, and district heating/cooling systems.siemens-sincal
  • SINCAL enables a high level of customization in the areas of generation, transmission, distribution and industrial grids.
  • User-defined applications can easily be developed with its object-oriented data model.
  • PSS ®SINCAL can be easily integrated into systems such as Geographical Information Systems (GIS), SCADA and Meter Data Management Systems (MDMS).

PSS®E (Power Transmission System Planning):

  • This high-performance transmission planning software is known for its meticulous and comprehensive modeling capabilities
  • PSS ®E base power flow package can be enhanced to include one or all of the following modules:
    • Dynamic Simulation
    • Geomagnetic Induced Currents (GIC)
    • Graphical Model Builder (GMB)
    • Eigenvalue and Modal Analysis (NEVA)
    • Optimal Power Flow (OPF)
    • Short Circuit Calculations


The tool offers:

  • Fast powerful, and real-world tested system models up to 150,000 buses
  • Modern graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Balanced and unbalanced fault analysis, contingency analysis (deterministic and probabilistic)
  • Extensive automation and customization capability — BAT commands, Python, PSAS
  • User-defined subsystems — subsystems based on areas, owners, zones, bus kV or combinations
  • Comprehensive model library including emerging technologies such as advanced FACTS devices and wind turbines
  • Code-based, user-written model building
  • Powerful, easy-to-use integrated plot facility
  • Graphical construction of user-defined controller models
  • Small signal and Eigenvalue analysis


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