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The emergence of India as the world’s IT leader in the services sector is well established. The same however cannot be said about the Electronics System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) domain, which deals with Electronics Product Design, Manufacturing and Testing. The market projections by the IESA and Government of India indicate that if India slips on the manufacturing front then by 2020, India would be investing USD 300 million more on electronics import than on its petroleum imports!

Why ESDM ?

orcad-pspiceThe three major thrust areas of focus identified by the Government of India are Energy, Medical Electronics and Information Security whose applications extend to all the disciplines of Electrical Communication Engineering namely, Electrical Power Monitoring, Drives and Controls, Sensor Based Electronics, Communication Engineering and Application Protocol Interface (API) development. All these domains of application thrust areas require manpower with the requisite talent and skill sets in Electronic Product Design, Engineering, Manufacturing and Testing.

In recognition of the critical inevitability of the need for encouraging ESDM market the Government of India has defined ESDM as the country’s vision roadmap going forward with a significant funds allocation to develop the necessary manpower with the requisite talent and the skill set.

Obviously, this has implications on the engineering curricula being offered in the academia and the curricula for the various related courses in Electrical Communication Engineering are already being revised in line with the ESDM vision with the primary focus creating the manpower needed. The responsibility of creating the requisite manpower lies with the academia and the industry.

orcad-pcb-siThe immediate challenge faced by the academia is how to cope with the challenge?  This is so in view of the near zero or complete lack any prior exposure to Electronics Product Design and Testing life cycle and the EDA in the academia.

In recognition of the critical immediate need for enabling the academia to cope with the daunting challenge of creating the required manpower with the requisite talent and skillset for the evolving ESDM ecosystem, Entuple offers a comprehensive solution for Electronics Product Design, Manufacturing and Testing through its System Engineering Technical Support solutions portfolio using the OrCAD System Engineering Flow.

Our System Engineering portfolio comprises the following and covers all the aspects of an Electronics Product Design, Manufacturing and Testing Life Cycle:

  • Mixed Signal System Design
  • Circuit Simulation using PSPICE
  • PCB Design
  • Signal Integrity
  • Power and Thermal Analysis
  • System Validation and Bench Characterization

Any and all Electronics Product Design Life Cycle commences with identification of the need for a product for a given class of applications, followed by the System Architecture and Microarchitecture definitions, System Requirement Specifications, Verification and Validation Plans and listing of the design constraints, essentially forming a topdown approach.

The next critical design stage involves identifying the suitable circuit topologies for the various functional blocks of the microarchitecture, design of the circuits to comply with the performance specifications, including device and component identifications from a vast assortment of comparable third party ICs, Devices and Components and then finally optimizing the circuit design. Given the size and complexity of the most of the present day designs for leading and cutting edge technologies and applications, this obviously precludes the dependence on sheer paper and pencil design practices in view of the sheer cost of design life cycle, therefore necessitating the use of accurate, reliable and productive design methodologies that make the use of high end accurate EDA environments that support the design and research community to verify their design formulations using advanced circuit simulations – be it analog, digital and/ or mixed signal circuits – not only at the individual block levels but also at the system level prior to handing off the design to the PC Board Design Stage.

Entuple offers a whole lot of solutions to the academia for their project and research support for the circuit and system level design and simulation using OrCAD PSPICE, encompassing design and simulation support.

Some of our products:

  • OrCAD PSpice Simulation Bundle: is an advanced analysis technology to combine industry-leading, native analog, mixed-signal, and analysis engines to deliver a complete circuit simulation and verification solution.
  • OrCAD PCB SI: is an integrated analysis environment that delivers powerful simulation technology to help find and address signal integrity (SI) issues throughout the design process—from circuit design in the schematic to board placement and routing.

Please write to us for a detailed list of products & value added services.