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Entuple brings to you the best of design productivity tools and technologies to accelerate product innovation, increase productivity & reduce cost of development.

Some of our offerings for effective Antenna Design,

ANSYS HFSS (HF) Bundle: is the industry standard for simulating 3-D full-wave electromagnetic fields. Its gold-standard accuracy, advanced solver and high-performance compute technology have made it an essential tool for engineers doing accurate and rapid design of high-frequency and high-speed electronic components.


MITS Antenna & PCB prototyping Machines: helps you build fine, accurate and rapid prototypes designs involving single, double sided, multilayer and high-density boards. These machines are known for their high quality, reliability and extraordinary precision. CAD data (Gerber or DXF output format) can be imported seamlessly into MITS systems for smooth process flow from CAD designing to board making.

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