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Entuple Technologies is committed to provide a complete bundle of Learning Enabler Solutions to our academic customers on the design modern antenna systems.

Our Antenna Design solutions encompass the tools and hands-on training in the technologies related (but not limited) to analog/digital circuit design, electromagnetic (EM), and system level designs.

Some of our products:

  • ANSYS HFSS: is the industry-standard Electromagnetic simulation package for RF and microwave as well as signal integrity design. It is ideal for analyzing any physical structure that relies on electromagnetic fields, currents or voltages for operation.
  • MITS PCB & Antenna Prototyping: These machines you build fine, accurate and rapid prototypes designs involving single, double sided, multilayer and high-density boards. These machines are known for their high quality, reliability and extraordinary precision.

Please write to us for a detailed list of products & value added services related to Antenna Design.