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Entuple brings to you the best of engineering tools and technologies to assist you in electromagnetic simulation. Our products have proven to be effective in curriculum teaching and on-campus research.

ANSYS HFSS is the industry-standard Electromagnetic simulation package for RF and microwave as well as signal integrity design. It is ideal for analyzing any physical structure that relies on electromagnetic fields, currents or voltages for operation. Its gold-standard accuracy, advanced solver and high-performance computing technology makes it an essential tool for engineers expecting accurate and rapid design of high-frequency and high-speed electronic components.


ANSYS HF Bundle includes:

  • HFSS: For design & simulation of all types of high frequency and high-speed passive RF/microwave components (Ex: Antennas, RF connectors, wave guide etc.)
  • Ansoft Designer (RF&SI): for design and simulation of RFIC’s, MMIC’s, wireless transmission, System-on-Chip (SoC) and other active RF and microwave devices. Ex: Diodes (Gunn, Pinn, Impatt), VCOs, LNAs, Mixers etc.
  • SI wave: A specialized design platform for signal integrity and power integrity analysis of electronic packages and PCBs. Ideal for Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, EMI, EMC of very high speed RF PCBs & ICs
  • Q3D Extractor :For parasitic extraction from PCBs, electronic packaging and power electronic Equipment, connectors, bus bars etc.
  • Optimetrics: A versatile software program that adds parametric, optimization, sensitivity and statistical analysis capabilities to ANSYS HFSS
  • ECAD Translators (Ansoft Links): for supporting other EDA tools like Cadence, Synopsis, Mentor Graphics
  • MCAD Translators: for importing 3D geometry like mechanical enclosures from Mechanical CAD (MCAD) packages
Diverse Applications

ANSYS HFSS Bundle can be utilized for a wide range of applications. Some of the popular one are listed below.

Sl No. Applications
1 3D/2D Antenna Design, Patch, Microstrip, Planar, Horn, Parabolic Reflector and any 3D Antenna Structure, Emission Testing.Layout, stackup and padstack Editors Interfaces, Interface to Cadence Tools
2 Waveguides -3D
3 Passive components (couplers, multiplexers, filters, ferrite circulators)

  • Antennas (horn-, slot-, patch-, Vivaldi-, reflector)
  • Multi-band antennas
  • Phased-array antennas
  • Antenna feed networks
  • Frequency-selective surfaces (FSS)
  • Electromagnetic band-gap (EBG) structures
  • RF coils, Shielding
  • Reduced Cross Section (RCS)
4 Solver : FEM,DGTD,PO,IE, MLFLM, Eigen Mode Solver, Hybrid solver, FEBI Technique, Planar Em
5 Spiral Inductor Design
6 RF Circuit Design : CDMA, WCDMA, WIMAX, TSCDMA, LTE, RF Frond End Designs LNA, VCO, Mixer, PLL, Power Amplifier etc.
7 MEMS: RF MEMS, Microrelay, Switches etc.
8 Active Circuit Design: RF Circuit Design, System Design
9 Signal Integrity, Power Integrity
11 Microwave Design
12 Ansys Multiphysics Support
13 MCAD-ECAD Imports and Exports
14 Thermal Analysis Link
15 Matlab Link
16 Antenna Design Kit : Antenna Synthesizer
17 Metamaterial , RCS..etc
18 Automatic Adaptive Meshing
19 Parasitic Extraction, EMI/EMC Analysis, Signal Integrity
20 Parametric Optimization, Sensitivity Analysis, Tuning, Statistical Analysis
21 Matlab Co-simulation in RF Circuit Design software
22 System library support:

  • Extensive RF and DSP component libraries
  • Communication standards
  • IEEE 802.11, GSM, EDGE, UWB
  • Compiled C/C++ user-defined modeling
23 Discrete time domain analysis for end-to-end communication systems

  • Baseband and envelope simulation
  • Multi-rate system capability
  • Mixed mode techniques
      • Convolution and impulse invariance
  • Communication responses
      • Transient, spectrum
      • ACPR, EVM, CCDF, Eye
24 WinIQSIM™ links for latest standards


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